Good Mother, The (film)

Good Mother, The (film) After weathering an unexciting marriage, single parent Anna Dunlap is totally wrapped up in her daughter, Molly, who is her whole life. When an unconventional Irish sculptor, Leo Cutter, enters Anna’s life, she falls passionately in love. However, their openness and permissiveness cause her ex-husband to turn against her, and he files a custody suit for Molly. In trying to retain custody, on her lawyer’s recommendation, she reluctantly sacrifices Leo, all to no avail. Eventually she must pick up her life, and begin anew with only weekend and vacation visits from Molly. Released on November 4, 1988. Directed by Leonard Nimoy. A Touchstone film. 104 min. Stars Diane Keaton (Anna Dunlap), Liam Neeson (Leo Cutter), Jason Robards (Muth), Ralph Bellamy (Grandfather). Based on the novel by Sue Miller. Filmed in Boston and Toronto, and at Whitefish Lake in Southern Ontario. Released on video in 1989.