Ghost Whisperer (television)

Ghost Whisperer (television) One-hour television series; airing on CBS beginning September 23, 2005, and ending May 21, 2010. Melinda Gordon has a gift of being able to see, and talk to, spirits. These are earthbound ghosts who have yet to cross over to the other side, who seek Melinda’s help in communicating with the living. Although Melinda sometimes embraces her abilities as a blessing and other times sees them as a curse, she always helps her clients—alive or dead—find emotional closure. Stars Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda Gordon), David Conrad (Jim Clancy), Aisha Tyler (Andrea Moreno). From Sander/Moses Prods. in association with Touchstone Television and Paramount Television. Sets used for the show were damaged in a backlot fire at Universal Studios on June 1, 2008.