Full-Court Miracle (television)

Full-Court Miracle (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie, premiering on November 21, 2003. Alex Schlotsky, team captain for the Philadelphia Hebrew Academy Lions basketball team, dreams of a pro basketball career. When he meets Lamont Carr, who is pursuing a pickup by the NBA, Alex persuades him to coach some seemingly hapless kids into champions. Although their minds are often on basketball, the boys are also studying the miraculous Chanukah story of Judah and the Maccabees. They soon find similarities between Lamont and Judah and become convinced that Lamont is an incarnation of the Jewish hero. Directed by Stuart Gillard. Stars Alex D. Linz (Alex Schlotsky), Richard T. Jones (Lamont Carr), R. H. Thomson (Rabbi Lewis), Linda Kash (Cynthia Schlotsky), Jason Blicker (Marshall Schlotsky), Sheila McCarthy (Mrs. Klein), Cassie Steele (Julie), Jase Blankfort (Stick Goldstein), David Sazant (Joker Levy), Eric Knudsen (TJ Murphy), Sean Marquette (Big Ben Schwartz). Working title was Lamont’s Maccabees. Based on a true story. The real Lamont Carr served as consultant and coached the young actors in basketball scenes.