Fox and the Hound 2, The (film)

Fox and the Hound 2, The (film) Direct-to-DVD release on December 12, 2006. Young pals Tod and Copper head off to a crazy adventure at the County Fair, with Copper trying to discover his greatest talent. The hound puppy joins in during a performance of The Singing Strays, a harmonizing novelty dog act, and is recruited by Cash, the charismatic bandleader who has his sights set on the Grand Ole Opry. For Copper, the prospect of fame affects his friendship with Tod. Diva dog Dixie, however, is not about to lose her spot in the band, and she soon recruits Tod as she schemes a way to regain her rightful place. Their plans go awry with disastrous results, and everyone must bond together to bring harmony back to the mutual friendships and fame where it most belongs. Directed by Jim Kammerud. Voices include Reba McEntire (Dixie), Patrick Swayze (Cash), Jonah Bobo (Tod), Harrison Fahn (Copper), Jeff Foxworthy (Lyle), Vicki Lawrence (Granny Rose), Stephen Root (Talent Scout).  Trisha Yearwood adds some vocals, along with Little Big Town, Josh Gracin, and Lucas Grabeel. 69 min. From DisneyToon Studios.