First Kid (film)

First Kid (film) Sam Simms is a Secret Service agent whose sense of style keeps him off the elite force assigned to protect “The Eagle,” the president of the United States. When the president’s teenage son, Luke, makes the nightly news mooning a mall opening crowd, Simms is assigned to look after “The Prince.” Going through adolescence in the White House is not easy, but Simms helps Luke through many of his youthful skirmishes and together they even foil a threat to the first family’s security. A Hollywood picture in association with Caravan Pictures. Released on August 30, 1996. Directed by David Mickey Evans. Stars Sinbad (Simms), Robert Guillaume (Wilkes), Timothy Busfield (Woods), Brock Pierce (Luke), James Naughton (President Davenport), Art LaFleur (Morton), Linda Eichhorn (Linda Davenport), Bill Cobbs (Speed), Zachery Ty Bryan (Rob). 101 min. Most of the film was shot in and around Richmond, Virginia, including St. Catherines private school, though exteriors of the landmarks such as the Washington Monument, the Mall, and the Treasury Building were shot in Washington, D.C. Special sets had to be constructed of the Executive Residence and the Oval Office, since filming at the White House was not possible. Retired assistant director of the Secret Service, Bob Snow, served as technical adviser. Released on video in 1997.