Fighting Prince of Donegal, The (film)

Fighting Prince of Donegal, The (film) In the time of Queen Elizabeth I, the English fear that Spain will attack through Ireland, so English troops occupy the Irish countryside. It is a gallant young man, Hugh O’Donnell, the prince of Donegal, who leads resistance against them. Hugh has many exciting adventures while he is uniting the clans of Ireland. He is captured and imprisoned—twice. But he escapes again to lead and win the final battle against the English, and to rescue Kathleen, his lady love. Released on October 1, 1966. Directed by Michael O’Herlihy. 110 min. Stars Peter McEnery (Hugh O’Donnell), Susan Hampshire (Kathleen MacSweeney), Tom Adams (Henry O’Neill), Gordon Jackson (Capt. Leeds), Andrew Keir (Lord MacSweeney), Donal McCann (Sean O’Toole), Maurice Roeves (Martin), Richard Leech (O’Neill). This was the first live-action theatrical swashbuckler Disney had made since Kidnapped, in 1960, and it sparkles with the exuberant talents of its two leads and the guidance of first-time theatrical director O’Herlihy. A fictional story, but based on authentic exploits of the real Prince of Donegal, Red Hugh, as told in a book by Robert T. Reilly. Released on video in 1986.