Father Hood (film)

Father Hood (film) Jack Charles is a small-time hood who plans to travel cross-country to New Orleans to participate in a criminal heist that will set him up for life, but his daughter, Kelly, shows up and his plans are endangered. Kelly and her little brother Eddie had long ago been abandoned to foster care, and the abuse they received there warranted Kelly’s escape. Jack reluctantly rescues Eddie too and plans to leave them with their grandmother, Rita. But Rita has her own life of gambling to live, and tells Jack to own up to his responsibilities as a father. As the trio makes its way across the country, pursued by the police and the FBI, Jack learns what it takes to raise children. By the time they reach New Orleans, he is ready to sacrifice his criminal activity for his children’s welfare. Released on August 27, 1993. Directed by Darrell James Roodt. A Hollywood Picture. 95 min. Stars Patrick Swayze (Jack Charles), Halle Berry (Kathleen Mercer), Diane Ladd (Rita), Sabrina Lloyd (Kelly Charles), Brian Bonsall (Eddie Charles). Filmed in Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, and California. Released on video in 1994.