Famous Jett Jackson, The (television)

Famous Jett Jackson, The (television) Half-hour series on Disney Channel, debuting October 25, 1998, and airing through 2001. Jett Jackson, a 13-year-old television star, longs to have a normal life, so he leaves Hollywood and his television-star mother behind, to go live with his father, the town sheriff in Wilsted, North Carolina, where he was born. But Jett’s friends and fans will not let him live the simple life, for they expect him to live up to the image of Silverstone, the heroic private investigator he plays on television. Stars Lee Thompson Young (Jett), Ryan Sommers Baum (J.B. Halliburton), Kerry Duff (Kayla West), Gordon Greene (Wood Jackson), Montrose Hagins (Coretta Jackson).