Encino Man (film)

Encino Man (film) Two high school outcasts, Dave Morgan and his best friend Stoney, uncover a frozen caveman while excavating a backyard swimming pool. They hope their accidental discovery will bring them fame and fortune, not to mention a newfound social status on campus. When the caveman accidentally thaws out and comes to life, they quickly concoct a scheme to disguise him as a foreign exchange student so no suspicions would be aroused. Link, as he is called, soon learns to speak, dress, and act like a typical valley boy, becoming the most popular kid in school, frustrating Dave and Stoney’s goals. As Link learns more about the twentieth century, he begins to realize that he does not fit in. But an earthquake suddenly hits, unearthing a frozen cavewoman, Link’s link to his own past. Released on May 22, 1992. Directed by Les Mayfield. A Hollywood Picture. 88 min. Stars Sean Astin (Dave Morgan), Brendan Fraser (Link), Pauly Shore (Stoney Brown), Megan Ward (Robyn Sweeney), Mariette Hartley (Mrs. Morgan), Richard Masur (Mr. Morgan). Filmed in California’s San Fernando Valley. Released on video in 1992.