Eloise at the Plaza (television)

Eloise at the Plaza (television) Eloise is a precocious but lovable six-year-old resident of New York’s Plaza Hotel, who roams the landmark in search of adventure. Along with her pug dog and turtle, Eloise is always causing mischief and mayhem, often dragging along her beleaguered Nanny. As the Plaza prepares for a debutante ball and the stately visit of a prince, Eloise is determined to get an invitation to the ball with the royal prince as her escort. She befriends a sad boy, Leon, whisking him away for a day of sightseeing, unaware that he is actually the prince. Aired on The Wonderful World of Disney on April 27, 2003. Directed by Kevin Lima. Stars Julie Andrews (Nanny), Sofia Vassilieva (Eloise), Jeffrey Tambor (Mr. Salomone), Christine Baranski (Prunella Stickler), Debra Monk (Maggie), Kintaro Akiyama (Leon). Based on the popular Eloise books by Kay Thompson, illustrated by Hilary Knight (who makes a cameo appearance as himself). Produced by Hand Made Films, in association with Di Novi Pictures. Released on video in 2003.