Den Brother (television)

Den Brother (television) A Disney Channel Original movie, debuting on August 13, 2010. A teen hockey star who is suspended from his team after showboating duirng a game must swallow his pride and step in to be substitute leader of his little sister Emily’s Bumble Bee troop. Alex finds that he can get Emily and the girls to do his chores and make him snacks in exchange for merit badges, and he finds the opportunity to get closer to the beautiful Matisse Burrows, leader of another Bumble Bee troop. However, when his self-centered antics cost the scouts a spot at Camporee, Alex finally sees how he has affected those he cares about and must devise a plan that will get his troop into the camp. Directed by Mark L. Taylor. Stars Hutch Dano (Alex Pearson), G Hannelius (Emily Pearson), Vicki Lewis (Dina), Debra Mooney (Mrs. Jacklitz), Kelsey Chow (Matisse Burrows), David Lambert (Danny “Goose” Gustavo), Maurice Godin (Professor Pearson). Filmed in Salt Lake City.