Dead Presidents (film)

Dead Presidents (film) Young African American buddies, returned from the war in Vietnam, find things changed at home. Their neighborhood is disintegrating, ravaged by drugs and chronic poverty. To try to save themselves, they turn to acquiring dead presidents—cold, hard cash—by any means necessary, even if they end up paying with their lives. General release on October 6, 1995, with a limited release on October 4. A Hollywood Pictures film. Directed by Albert and Allen Hughes. Filmed in CinemaScope. l21 min. Stars Larenz Tate (Anthony Curtis), Chris Tucker (Skip), Freddy Rodriguez (Jose), Bokeem Woodbine (Cleon), Keith David (Kirby), Rose Jackson (Juanita Benson), N’Bushe Wright (Delilah Benson). Filmed primarily in New York City. Released on video in 1996.