Crimson Tide (film)

Crimson Tide (film) When an American emergency patrol on a nuclear submarine receives an urgent but unverified message to launch a strike against rebel Russian missile sites, confusion and chaos erupt on board between rival officers, bringing the world to the brink of nuclear disaster. Released on May 12, 1995. Directed by Tony Scott. 116 min. A Hollywood Pictures film. Stars Denzel Washington (Hunter), Gene Hackman (Ramsey), George Dzundza (Cob), Viggo Mortensen (Weps), James Gandolfini (Lt. Bobby Daugherty), Matt Craven (Zimmer). Filmed in CinemaScope. Sets for the interior of the USS Alabama were constructed at the Culver Studios, with the largest hydraulic gimbal ever constructed created to simulate the sub’s movement. One scene about the flooding of the Alabama‘s bilge bay was shot for 14 hours one night in the chilly waters of the Culver City Municipal Pool. A 44-foot square cargo container housing the sets and cast was slowly lowered into the pool while the cameras rolled. Filming took place over 15 weeks, aided by two technical advisers who were both former commanding officers of the real USS Alabama. Released on video in 1995.