Chico, the Misunderstood Coyote (television)

Chico, the Misunderstood Coyote (television) Television show; aired on October 15, 1961. Directed by Walter Perkins. A witness to his mother’s death at the hand of a man, the coyote, Chico, has learned to hate and fear him. Taken into captivity and exhibited in a small desert roadside zoo, he learns much but never loses his bitterness toward his enemy: man. Chico makes his escape and bounds off for a life of adventure in the desert where he mates with Tula.  He sees an eagle grab one of his pups and worries when his mate raids a chicken coop. Realizing the dangers of man, Chico decides to take his family deeper into the desert to help his family try to win the battle for survival. Narrated by Winston Hibler.