Brother Bear 2 (film)

Brother Bear 2 (film) A direct-to-DVD release on August 29, 2006 from DisneyToon Studios. Kenai emerges from his first hibernation eager to take his little brother Koda to Crowberry Ridge for the best spring berries. Their buddies Rutt and Tuke have come down with a severe case of spring fever, courting a pair of female moose with hilarious results. But Kenai and Koda are intent on following their plan until Kenai’s childhood pal Nita shows up with a very human problem only Kenai can solve. It seems a simple carved amulet Kenai gave Nita long ago had a greater significance than either of them realized. Now Nita cannot marry until she and Kenai burn the amulet together at Hokani Falls, their old stomping grounds. They set off on an arduous journey over icy mountains, raging rivers, and unforeseen obstacles. It is an adventure that renews their friendship, redefines who they are, and ultimately reveals that the Great Spirits have a surprising plan of their own. Directed by Benjamin Gluck. Stars Patrick Dempsey (Kenai), Jeremy Suarez (Koda), Rick Moranis (Rutt), Dave Thomas (Tuke), Mandy Moore (Nita), Wanda Sykes (Innoko), Andrea Martin (Anda), Catherine O’Hara (Kata), Kathy Najimy (Aunt Taggig), Wendie Malick (Aunt Sisinig), Michael Clarke Duncan (Tug). 73 min. The film features three original songs by Melissa Etheridge. Much of the work on the film was done by DisneyToon Studios Australia.