Brink! (television)

Brink! (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie, first aired on August 29, 1998. Andy Brinker (“Brink”) is king of the “soul skaters” at the beach. He and his crew skate for the love of their sport, while their rivals, the X-Bladz are sponsored and skate for the money. When Brink discovers he needs extra money to help with his family, he faces a major decision and decides to desert his friends for Team X-Bladz. When he finds out that the captain of his new team is resorting to sabotage, he rejoins his original team in a tournament against the X-Bladz. Directed by Greg Beeman. Stars Erik von Detten (Andy), Patrick Levis (Peter), Asher Gold (Jordan), Christina Vidal (Gabriella), Sam Horrigan (Val). Released on video in 2002.