Brand Spanking New Doug (television)

Brand Spanking New Doug (television) Animated television series; premiered on ABC on September 7, 1996. Continuing the Nickelodeon series Doug which premiered in 1991, this series shows Doug Funnie growing up. He is approaching his 12th birthday in this exaggerated portrayal of a child muddling through the misadventures of growing up. Voices include Thomas McHugh (Doug), Becca Lish (Theda Funnie, Judy Funnie, Connie Benge), Fred Newman (Skeeter Valentine, Ned Valentine, Mr. Dink), Chris Phillips (Roger Klotz), Alice Playten (Beebe Bluff), Connie Shulman (Patti Mayonnaise), Doug Preis (Chalky Studebaker, Bill Bluff, Phil Funnie, Lamar Bone). Produced by Jumbo Pictures in association with Walt Disney Television. The series moved to syndication beginning August 31, 1998, and changed its title to Disney’s Doug, ending in 1999. A feature film based on the series was Doug’s 1st Movie (1999). 65 episodes.