Boys (film)

Boys (film) High school senior, John Baker, Jr., is nearing graduation at a private school for boys and dreading the future, where he is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. When he has a chance encounter with a sophisticated woman, Patty Vare, who has fallen from her horse, he aids her and surreptitiously shields her from the police and his fellow students in his dorm room. They find a mutual attraction turning to romance, but are haunted by the unfolding story of a stolen car and a missing major league baseball pitcher. Directed by Stacy Cochran. A Touchstone Picture in association with Interscope Communications/PolyGram Filmed Entertainment. Released on May 10, 1996. Stars Lukas Haas (John), Winona Ryder (Patty), John C. Reilly (Kellogg Curry), James Le Gros (Fenton Ray), Skeet Ulrich (Bud Valentine). 86 min. Based on the short story, “Twenty Minutes,” by James Salter. St. John’s College is Annapolis, Maryland, doubled for the Sherwood School for Boys in the movie. Released on video in 1996.