Boatniks, The (film)

Boatniks, The (film) Newly assigned to duty in the Coast Guard at Newport Beach, California, ensign Thomas Garland soon faces the problems caused by Sunday sailors, those amateur boatniks who go down to the sea in ships. But the ensign also finds himself involved in romantic complications with Kate Fairchild, as well as with jewel thieves, whose careers are ended with the cooperation of Thomas and Kate. Released on July 1, 1970. Directed by Norman Tokar. 100 min. Stars Robert Morse (Ensign Garland), Stefanie Powers (Kate), Phil Silvers (Harry Simmons), Norman Fell (Max), Mickey Shaughnessy (Charlie), Wally Cox (Jason), Don Ameche (Commander Taylor). Released on video in 1984. The song, “The Boatniks,” was written by Bruce Belland and Robert F. Brunner.