Blank Check (film)

Blank Check (film) Eleven-year-old Preston Waters’ rusty old bike is accidentally run over by a car driven by a crook named Quigley, who quickly dashes off a check to pay for the damages, but in his haste neglects to fill in the amount. Preston notices the oversight and boldly fills in an impressive amount—$1 million. Suddenly wealthy, Preston embarks on the wildest spending spree ever. He hires a personal chauffeur, buys a great house, and throws himself a spectacular 12th birthday bash. But the party’s over when the FBI along with Quigley and his thugs descend as uninvited guests, and Preston discovers how hard it is to hold on to his newfound riches. Released on February 11, 1994. Directed by Rupert Wainwright. 93 min. Stars Brian Bonsall (Preston Waters), Karen Duffy (Shay Stanley), Miguel Ferrer (Quigley), James Rebhorn (Fred Waters), Tone Loc (Juice), Jayne Atkinson (Sandra Waters), Michael Lerner (Biderman), Chris Demetral (Damian Waters). The motion picture was filmed on location in Austin, Texas. Released on video in 1994.