Blame it on the Bellboy (film)

Blame it on the Bellboy (film) A quirky bellboy in Venice, who has trouble with English homonyms, mixes up three guests in his hotel with similar-sounding names, Orton, Lawton, and Horton, causing chaos when each receives instructions meant for another. By the end of the film, everyone has realized the mistake and switches back—all the better for the experience. World premiere in London on January 24, 1992; U.S. release on March 6, 1992. Directed by Mark Herman. 78 min. Stars Dudley Moore (Melvyn Orton), Bryan Brown (Charlton Black), Bronson Pinchot (Bellboy), Patsy Kensit (Caroline Wright), Richard Griffiths (Maurice Horton), Andreas Katsulas (Scarpa), Alison Steadman (Rosemary Horton), Penelope Wilton (Patricia Fulford). A Hollywood Pictures film. Filmed on location in Venice, Italy, on the island of Murano, and at Lee International Studios near London. Released on video in 1992.