Beverly Hills Family Robinson (television)

Beverly Hills Family Robinson (television) Two-hour television movie; aired on January 25, 1997, on ABC. Bristling from being the family of Marsha Robinson, the star of a popular lifestyle television program, and having to live with her chic home decor and gourmet dinners, the entire Robinson family head off for a vacation trip to Hawaii.  When modern-day pirates take over their yacht, the family has to outwit them. Finding itself shipwrecked on a tropical island, the family builds a treehouse for shelter that Marsha proceeds to transform into a showcase for castaway living. Daughter Jane falls for a handsome Windsurfer, Digger, and the pirates return, causing the family to defend their tree house. Directed by Troy Miller. Stars Dyan Cannon (Marsha Robinson), Martin Mull (Dr. Doug Robinson), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Jane), Ryan O’Donohue (Roger), Josh Picker (Digger), Kevin Weisman (Brinks), Michael Edwards-Stevens (Claude), Nique Needles (Melvin). The “island” scenes were filmed in Queensland, Australia.