Betsy’s Wedding (film)

Betsy’s Wedding (film) Eddie Hopper is determined to give his daughter Betsy a fantastic wedding with all the trimmings. Unfortunately Betsy doesn’t want a big wedding. Overextended financially and emotionally, Eddie finds the two families battling, with everyone pushing for their own favorite traditions and in the ceremony. To make things worse, he gets into a questionable business deal with his unscrupulous brother-in-law. Everyone finds their lives changing as the pressures of the wedding mount. Released on June 22, 1990. Directed by Alan Alda. A Touchstone film. 94 min. Stars Alan Alda (Eddie Hopper), Joey Bishop (Eddie’s father), Madeline Kahn (Lola Hopper), Molly Ringwald (Betsy Hopper), Catherine O’Hara (Gloria Henner), Joe Pesci (Oscar Henner), Ally Sheedy (Connie Hopper), Burt Young (Georgie). The film was a personal project of Alda’s, who also wrote the screenplay; he came up with the idea from the wedding of his own youngest daughter. Filmed in New York City and in the beautiful old coastal town of Wilmington, North Carolina. Released on video in 1990.