Aspen Extreme (film)

Aspen Extreme (film) Two happy-go-lucky young men, Dexter and T.J., leave their humdrum jobs on the auto assembly lines of Detroit and head to Aspen to become ski instructors and win the famous Powder Eight competition. T.J. enjoys instant popularity, while Dexter finds Aspen life more difficult, and, after a disastrous rendezvous with the local drug ring, the two friends part. But their common dream of winning the Powder Eight reunites them until Dexter is accidentally killed during practice in a restricted zone. T.J. vows to win in memory of his partner, and, with an admiring pupil, wins the race. Released on January 22, 1993. A Hollywood Picture. 118 min. Stars Paul Gross (T.J. Burke), Peter Berg (Dexter Rutecki), Finola Hughes (Bryce Kellogg), Teri Polo (Robin Hand). After opening shots in Detroit, Michigan, the motion picture was filmed on location in Aspen, Colorado, with ski sequences in the Monashee range of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia. The story was based on real-life experiences of writer/director Patrick Hasburgh. Released on video in 1993.