Arjun: The Warrior Prince (film)

Arjun: The Warrior Prince (film) An Indian animated film produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures. Nine-year-old Arjun Pandava learns the art of warfare and grows into a mighty warrior, discovering what it takes to be a hero. Released in India and in a limited number of theaters in the U.S. on May 25, 2012.; released September 3, 2012, at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood—the first Indian film to play there. Directed by Arnab Chaudhuri. Voices include Yuddvir Bakolia (Arjun), Anjan Srivastav (Lord Shiv), Sachin Khedekar (Lord Krishna), Ashok Banthia (Bheem), Ila Arun (Kunti), Vishnu Sharma (Bheeshma). Based on the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata. Shown in the U.S. in Hindi with English subtitles.