Angels in the Outfield (film)

Angels in the Outfield (film) A foster child, Roger, is told with grim humor that there is about as much chance for his family getting back together as there is for the last-place Angels baseball team to win the pennant. But miracles do happen. When 11-year-old Roger prays for divine intervention, a band of real angels, including one named Al, answers the call. Although nobody except Roger can see or hear these heaven-sent guardians, it is not long before hot-tempered and skeptical team manager George Knox sees the extraordinary evidence of something magical helping his team out of the basement and into the playoffs. With the angels’ presence being felt on and off the field, the players and young Roger discover the power of believing in dreams and finding the courage never to give up hope. Released on July 15, 1994. Directed by William Dear. Produced in association with Caravan Pictures. 103 min. Stars Danny Glover (George Knox), Tony Danza (Mel Clark), Brenda Fricker (Maggie Nelson), Ben Johnson (Hank Murphy), Jay O. Sanders (Ranch Wilder), Christopher Lloyd (Al), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Roger). Many of the baseball stadium sequences were filmed at the Oakland Coliseum. The film was a remake of a 1951 MGM film starring Paul Douglas. Released on video in 1995.