Alan Smithee Film, An: Burn Hollywood Burn (film)

Alan Smithee Film, An: Burn Hollywood Burn (film) This satirical story of the behind-the-scenes intrigue of a big budget action/adventure Hollywood film reveals director Alan Smithee’s bizarre odyssey through a series of interviews with real celebrities and fictional characters. The machinations and agendas of everyone and anyone in filmmaking—from the producer to the makeup artists—are revealed. Smithee makes his directorial debut on the biggest budget action film in Hollywood history, but when he becomes distraught over choices forced upon him by his producer, he takes the master negative hostage. A Hollywood Picture in association with Cinergi. Released on February 27, 1998. Directed by Alan Smithee. Stars Ryan O’Neal (James Edmunds), Coolio (Dion Brothers), Chuck D. (Leon Brothers), Richard Jeni (Jerry Glover), Eric Idle (Alan Smithee), and special appearances by Sylvester Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg, Jackie Chan. The screenplay is by Joe Eszterhas. “Alan Smithee” is a name that has historically been applied to Hollywood films when the director has asked to have his name removed. 86 min.