25th Hour (film)

25th Hour (film) In 24 hours, Monty Brogan, New York City high-flyer, is off to jail for seven years. On his last day, he tries to reconnect with his father and gets together with his two closest friends, Jacob and Slaughtery. Plus, there is his girlfriend, Naturelle, who might have been the one who tipped him off to the cops. Time is running out, and Monty has some tricks up his sleeve. Limited release in Los Angeles and New York on December 19, 2002; expanded release on January 10, 2003. A Touchstone film. Directed by Spike Lee. Stars Edward Norton (Monty Brogan), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Jacob Elinsky), Barry Pepper (Francis Xavier Slaughtery), Rosario Dawson (Naturelle Riviera), Anna Paquin (Mary D’Annunzio), Brian Cox (James Brogan). Filmed in Super 35 widescreen on location in the five boroughs of New York City. 135 min. Released on video in 2003.