101 Dalmatians (film)

101 Dalmatians (film) Live-action version of the Dodie Smith book and Disney’s 1961 animated feature.  Anita, who works as a designer for Cruella De Vil, is fired when she will not sell her boss the 15 Dalmatian puppies that have been born to Pongo and Perdy.  Not willing to take no for an answer, Cruella arranges to have the puppies stolen by her hapless henchmen, Jasper and Horace, setting in motion a countrywide search.  A Walt Disney picture in association with Great Oaks Entertainment.  Directed by Stephen Herek.  Released on November 27, 1996.  Stars Glenn Close (Cruella), Jeff Daniels (Roger), Joely Richardson (Anita), Hugh Laurie and Mark Williams (Jasper and Horace), Joan Plowright (Nanny).  103 min.  Filmed on seven sound stages at Shepperton Studios in England, as well as at selected locations in and around London.  A major task was the finding and training of over 200 Dalmatian puppies whose welfare was of top concern to the filmmakers.  Released on video in 1997.