photo of huge multi-layered sandwich float in parade

Weird Disney: Sandwich on Parade!

From showboats filled with characters to fire-breathing dragons, we’ve seen many impressive things parade down Main Street, U.S.A. at Disney theme parks. But there’s probably been nothing as delicious as . . .  this sandwich.

We’d be lying if we told you this massive float was part of “Kitchen Kabaret on Parade,” “Things Willie the Giant Would Eat on Parade,” or “Food Magic.”

No, none of those parades actually existed. (Though maybe we wish they did.) But you might remember this float as a peculiar part of the beloved America on Parade, which performed at both Disneyland® Park and Magic Kingdom® Park from June 1975 until September 1976 during the American Bicentennial celebration.

Among the parade’s many floats and characters celebrating America’s history and culture were a large American Eagle, a fanciful ship navigated by Christopher Columbus, Betsy Ross in an oversized rocking chair, and perhaps the grandest sandwich ever featured in a Disney theme park—a float that inspired the lunches of 25 million estimated guests who enjoyed the parade.

Not pictured: the oversized jar of mustard. (We’re not kidding.)