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Take the Ultimate Mickey Mouse Trivia Quiz

By D23 Team

We’re celebrating all things Mickey Mouse, and we’re calling all of you Mickey fans to test your knowledge of one of the most legendary pals in the world. Are you the ultimate fan, or are you just getting acquainted with the mouse himself? Test your knowledge to find out! Want even more Mickey knowledge? Learn about our favorite pal and his amazing travels around the world! Scroll down for the answers, and to see how much you really know the Mouse!

1. What milestone did Mickey’s debut short film achieve?
A) It was the first fully synchronized sound cartoon.
B) It was the first cartoon to use ink & paint cels.
C) It was the first cartoon film to feature Fantasound.
D) It was the first cartoon film in color.

2. What did Mickey Mouse’s first on-screen words reference?
A) Goofy
B) Pluto
C) Food
D) A steamboat

3. Who drew the first Mickey Mouse comic strip published on January 13, 1930?
A) Walt Disney
B) Win Smith
C) Ub Iwerks
D) Floyd Gottfredson

4. True or false: Donald Duck has starred in more theatrically released cartoon shorts than Mickey Mouse?
A) True
B) False

5. What was Mickey Mouse’s original name until Lillian Disney suggested an alternative?
A) Maximillian
B) Willie
C) Mortimer
D) His name was always Mickey

6. What was the title of the first theatrically released color cartoon to feature Mickey?
A) Mickey’s Kangaroo
B) The Band Concert
C) The Delivery Boy
D) Brave Little Tailor

7. Walt Disney was presented an honorary Oscar® for the creation of Mickey Mouse in what year?
A) 1928
B) 1930
C) 1932
D) 1934

8. Mickey Mouse took a 30-year break from appearing in theatrically released cartoons between 1953 and 1983. Which cartoon marked his fabulous return?
A) The Simple Things
B) Plutopia
C) The Prince and the Pauper
D) Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Correct Answers:

1. A) It was the first fully synchronized sound cartoon.
Steamboat Willie was the third Mickey Mouse cartoon to be made, but the first to be released, debuting on November 18, 1928 in The Colony Theater in New York.

2. C) Food
Mickey Mouse uttered his first words in the 1929 cartoon The Karnival Kid. And, his first words? “Hot dogs!”

3. C) Ub Iwerks
Disney Legend Ub Iwerks was not only the artist behind the first Mickey comic strip, but also the animator behind the very first Mickey Mouse cartoons.

4. A) True
Our favorite cranky feathered friend beats out Mickey Mouse on star billing by about seven short films!

5. C) Mortimer
Walt Disney had originally dubbed his mouse creation Mortimer, until his wife Lillian suggested Mickey Mouse because it sounded cuter.

6. B) The Band Concert
Mickey Mouse’s first color cartoon premiered on February 23, 1935. However the last all-black-and-white Mickey cartoon, Mickey’s Kangaroo, premiered on April 13, 1935, two months after the first color one.

7. C) 1932
In 1932, Walt Disney was presented with an honorary Oscar for his creation of Mickey Mouse, and created a special cartoon for the ceremony. Entitled Parade of Award Nominees, the cartoon presented the acting candidates in a fun-filled animated caricature form designed by Disney Legend Joe Grant.

8. D) Mickey’s Christmas Carol
The Simple Things was Mickey Mouse’s last appearance in 1953 until 1983 when he returned in Mickey’s Christmas Carol, with one noticeable difference. His eyebrows had been removed!

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