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Short Circuit Is Bringing Magic to Disney+ in 90-Second Stories

By Karina Schink

There are no small ideas. That’s the rather grand and magical thought behind the Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS) program Short Circuit, in which anyone currently working at the Studios, whether an animator, character modeler, or developer, can get the opportunity to direct a 90-second animated short. At a recent event at the Studios, WDAS…

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early artwork from Dumbo

Unforgettable Dumbo Art

By Nicole Nalty

Disney fans first saw an elephant fly 75 years ago with the debut of Walt Disney’s animated classic Dumbo. The underdog (underelephant?) film is unforgettable––sensational songs (admit it, you’ve cried during “Baby Mine”), lovable characters, and of course, amazing animation.

In honor of Dumbo’s big-screen debut, Disney’s Animation…

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