Disney 2018

Every Magical Disney Moment from 2018

By the D23 Team Cinematic Sensations We tessered, broke a Kessel Run record, went on another adventure beneath the trees of the Hundred Acre Wood, and tripped more than a few lights fantastic. All of that just in one year! There’s no doubt that 2018 has been one for the books starting off the year …

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Spooktacular Fanniversary crafts nightmare board game

Jack and Sally’s Ghoulish Adventure Game Instructions

What you will need: Heavy printer paper Tape Glue stick Scissors Download the game instructions Kids, have a grown-up help you with the scissors and glue. To make the game board: Print out the page onto heavy printer paper. Cut away the white paper around the board Securely tape the two pieces together where shown. …

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Spooktacular Fanniversary nightmare notebook covers

GHASTLY GOOD Spiral Notebook Covers

What you will need: Spiral notebook 5 x 11 inch sticker paper Scissors Ruler Download Notebook Covers  Kids, please have a grown-up help you with the scissors. Instructions: Measure the cover of the spiral notebook with a ruler. Print the cover onto sticker paper. If the measurements are less than 8 x 10.5 inches, trim …

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Spooktacular Fanniversary Nightmare Before Christmas photo props

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Photo Props

What you will need: Heavy printer paper Wooden dowels Scissors Tape Tacky glue Hot glue Download Photo Props Kids, have a grown-up help you with the scissors and hot glue. Instructions: Print the pages onto heavy printer paper. Cut out the art as close as possible. Turn over the prop and hot glue a wooden …

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Spooktacular Fanniversary crispy rice treats recipe

Jack’s Swirly Crispy Rice Treats

Ingredients: 3 tbsp. butter 4 cups mini marshmallows 6 cups crispy rice cereal White candy melts Chocolate candy melts Small zip top bags or piping bags with tips Melt the butter in large sauce pan. Add the marshmallow, and over low heat melt the marshmallows until smooth. Pour in the cereal and fold until covered. …

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