Ludwig Von Drake and Walt Disney

Seven Things We’ve “Learned” From Disney in the Classroom

By Jim Fanning You’ve heard of the three R’s—“reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic”—but when it comes to Disney in the classroom, it’s more about the three E’s: entertainment, engagement, and, of course, enchantment. For decades, teachers have used Disney films to open the minds and excite the imaginations of their students. “Educational films will never replace the …

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Animation Disney Legend Burny Mattinson

Burny Mattinson

“Storyboards are as close to direction as you can get. You’re telling cameras where to go, what’s happening on screen, where to cut, and really making a blueprint for the film.” —Burny Mattinson

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Kilroy Debuts on Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color

On this day in 1965, Kilroy was here. Disney’s first four-part story, Kilroy, aired on Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, telling the story, as Walt Disney explained, “of an ex-Marine named Kilroy, who, on his discharge from the service, decides to visit the hometown of his best friend in the Marines. Well, Kilroy arrived …

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Inside Outer Space Airs on Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color

On this day in 1963, when Inside Outer Space took to the air on Walt Disney’s Wonderful of Color, viewers got an inside look at outer space. And the best host to lecture on the subject, make no mistake, was Ludwig Von Drake. The far-from-featherbrained professor is an expert on, well, most subjects, which makes …

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