Epcot opening

Get the Buzz on Epcot’s Legacy of Innovation

By Steven Vagnini

For guests who experienced the opening of EPCOT Center 35 years ago, the 21st century began on October 1, 1982. Walt Disney World’s newest wonder shone brightly at its premiere—a culmination of 18 years of dreaming, planning, design and construction… and a fulfillment of Walt Disney’s vision of an Experimental Prototype Community of…

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A Pavilion By Any Other Name

By author and historian Michael Crawford

What’s in a name? That’s what Disney Imagineers were forced to ask as they created the roster of pavilions for Epcot Center. During the park’s development, the pavilions were usually referred to by the field of study they were designed to address: Transportation, Energy, the Seas, and so forth. But for opening day, they…

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