it's a small world Mary Blair concept art

Disney Parks Fans Need to See This Gallery of it’s a small world Concept Art from Disney Legend Mary Blair

By Jocelyn Buhlman

If you’ve been to a Disney park, you’ve probably experienced the pastel-colored joy of it’s a small world in some capacity. Whether you’ve enjoyed a boat ride with the children of the world, watched the clock tower announce the time with a fanfare of celebration, or just gotten the Sherman Brothers’ classic song stuck in your head……

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it's a small world exterior at Disneyland

Where in the small world Can You Find These Classic Creatures?

By Nicole Nalty

It’s the song heard ’round the world—about the world! it’s a small world is celebrating its 50th year at Disneyland park and it’s not hard to see why: With stunning design by Mary Blair and Rolly Crump, music by the Sherman brothers, and character design and costume design by Marc Davis and Alice Davis, respectively, it’s no surprise that…

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background painting of a bedroom chamber with wooden headboard and open window in gouache by a Disney Studio Artist for animated feature Cinderella

More Gorgeous Art from the Making of 1950’s Cinderella

To help celebrate the eagerly anticipated release of Cinderella, the spring issue of Disney twenty-three showcases visual-development images, courtesy of the Disney Animation Research Library, that inspired the making of Disney’s 1950 animated classic. We found the artwork so lavish and gorgeous that we wanted to share some more of this art with you. We hope you…

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Exploratory Art of Lee and Mary Blair

One of the most iconic art styles to have emerged from the ranks of Disney Studio artists over the years is undoubtedly that of the incomparable Mary Blair. Instantly recognizable in color and composition, Mary’s whimsical artwork has enchanted generations of Disney fans. Where Mary has an immensely important place in the pantheon of Disney history, some may not know…

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