Legend of The Three Caballeros (TV)

Animated series; digitally released Nov. 12, 2019, on Disney+, after a Jun. 2018 release on DisneyLife in the Philippines. On his most disastrous birthday ever, Donald Duck inherits his great-grandfather’s mysterious explorer’s cabana, which he must share with José Carioca and Panchito. Inside, the three open a magical book, which unleashes the powerful goddess of…

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legend of the three caballeros

Channel Your Inner Adventurer with the Legend of the Three Caballeros Panel

By the D23 Team

As this year marks the 75th anniversary of The Three Caballeros, it is amazing to see how the film continues to inspires new generations of Disney fans. One of the biggest ways is Disney+’s Legend of Three Caballeros which follows Donald, Jose, and Panchito on new adventures as they travel the world battling mythical monsters!

To provide an…

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Donald Duck

10 Top TV Moments Every Donald Fan Should Know

By Jim Fanning

If in 1954, 20 years after his June 9, 1934 debut, Donald Duck demanded, “What’s the big idea?!” the answer was television. That year, as Walt Disney became the first major Hollywood producer to enter weekly television, his biggest and noisiest star waddled into a new kind of celebrity on the TV screen. “The national ratings,” revealed…

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