Frozen 2 cast

Every Snow Cool Moment from the Frozen 2 Premiere

By Jocelyn Buhlman Last week, Hollywood was turned into an autumn wonderland complete with trees, leaf-shaped confetti, and the occasional troll or two. Why this sudden seasonal transformation? For the enchanting Frozen 2 world premiere, of course. We hit the red carpet to talk with the cast, crew, and celebrity fans of Frozen 2—and had …

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Disney+ Quiz Iris

Find Out What You Should Watch First on Disney+

By Savannah Salazar With Disney+ arriving tomorrow—yes tomorrow!—we’re already planning on adding every new show and movie to our queue. From a galaxy far, far away to the halls of East High and beyond, there’s something for everyone, but if you’re still wrestling with what to watch first—we’ve got the perfect solution. Take our quiz …

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Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell Sets the Stage for the Disney+ Series Encore!

By Zach Johnson The show must go on—and in the case of Encore!, sometime it must go on decades later! Last week, Kristen Bell appeared at the IDA Presents: Disney+ Nonfiction Storytelling Showcase in Hollywood to offer an extended look at the highly anticipated series, premiering at launch on November 12. Bell serves as an …

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