Mickey-shaped treats

7 Mickey-Shaped Treats that are Almost Too Cute to Eat

By Nicole Nalty

Every Disney fan knows––food just tastes better when it’s shaped like Mickey Mouse. Whether you’re craving salty or sweet, there’s a Mickey treat for every appetite. Here are just a few of our favorites, and some of the places you can find them:

Mickey Macaron

One of the newer additions to the Mickey Mouse lineup, this Mickey…

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Disney Details: True as Steel Mickey

What you see is a dramatic photograph of a steel cutout of Mickey, our beloved mouse, stealing the scene from a gorgeous storm of golden electronic turbulence raging behind him. The image was captured at a steel-cutting ceremony at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, where work took place on two new Disney Cruise Line ships, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy….

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All Aboard with Mickey: Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip

By Jim Fanning

On November 1, 1940, Mickey Mouse first sported a straw hat, twirled a cane and whistled a happy traveling tune as he waited at the Burbank, California train depot (presumably not far from the newly opened Walt Disney Studios on Buena Vista Street in that same city) to start a jaunty train journey to Pomona in Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip. This classic…

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When Mickey’s Career Turned a Page

It’s hard to imagine a world without an international icon as widely adored as Mickey Mouse. While the first series of Mickey cartoons brought instant fame to the cheerful personality in the late 1920s, it would take even more to elevate the new character on the block to his status as an enduring cultural symbol.

Enter the 1930s, when more than 100 Mickey shorts hit…

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Animated cast of Disney film Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers

Five Reasons to Love Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers

Many Disney fans don’t know much about Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers , so here are five reasons to love this animated gem.

5. A villain with old-Hollywood roots
The film features Pete, Mickey’s foe in many classic cartoons, as the sinister head of the Musketeers. Pete’s lead animator wanted to bring him to life as an old-time, big baddie, so he…

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Mickey Mouse's Lost Pirate Adventure

Mickey Mouse’s Lost Pirate Adventure

We all recall Mickey’s deeds of giant-clobbering glory as the Brave Little Tailor. Not to mention Donald Duck’s trip to Bahia—and Goofy’s super-goofy horseback riding lessons! But how many of us remember Mickey’s pirate adventure?

Morgan’s Ghost was a cool cartoon concept that was developed alongside the classics we love, but never completed or released.
Today it…

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Mickey in his true color debut in 1932's Parade of the Award Nominees

Mickey Mouse Wore Green Shorts and Yellow Gloves In His Color Debut

Mickey’s true color debut came in 1932’s Parade of the Award Nominees, a short film made for that year’s Academy Awards banquet. Wearing green shorts and yellow gloves—a standard color scheme on many toys at the time—Mickey led Minnie, Clarabelle Cow, and the Oscar nominees of 1932 as they marched through a fairytale forest. Marie Dressler (Emma) brought up the…

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Sketch of Mickey Mouse and Minnie the Shimmy in an early cartoon

Discover the Secret Behind Mickey Mouse’s First Words

Mickey Mouse has been entertaining audiences for decades, from his 1928 debut up through modern-day appearances such as the Kingdom Hearts series of videogames and all-new animated Mickey Mouse shorts. But while most fans know that Mickey’s first big-screen appearance was in Steamboat Willie, it’s easy to forget that the spunky star didn’t actually speak until his…

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Walt Disney looking at original story sketches for Karnival Kid

Walt Disney Reminisces About Early Mickey Mouse Artwork

By Jim Fanning

 Before the storyboarding process was pioneered by the Disney Studios in the early 1930s, story sketches for animated shorts were often drawn comic-book style with several panels to a page. In 1966, when Walt Disney came across story sketches from one of the earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons—The Karnival Kid (1929), he shared the art with two Mouse…

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