Pomp and CircumFANce: Disney Fan Graduation Caps

Throughout May and June, everyone from preschoolers to doctoral candidates dons caps and gowns and proudly struts across graduation stages to receive their degrees.

But we’ve noticed a new trend—creative grads decorating their caps with personal touches.

And of course, Disney fans have been quick to start adding their own bits of pixie dust to their…

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Disney Fans to the Rescue: D23 Members’ Adopted Dogs

In Lady and the Tramp, we see the plight of dogs at the pound waiting for loving homes. Last week, we found out that D23 Members are the pup-parents of a whole host of rescued dogs, and maybe it’s because they saw Peg and the gang in the pound! To celebrate D23 Fanniversary Home Edition this weekend, here are some of our members’ doggone cutest adopted pets.


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See How These Fans Added a Little Pixie Dust to their Weddings

You often hear weddings described with words like “fairy tale,” “magic,” and “dream come true,” and it’s no coincidence that these words are used to describe Disney, too! See how some of these creative fans made their love of Disney part of their big day.

Andrea’s processional was to “I See the Light”, and she used this adorable Tangled cake…

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Announcing Disney in Concert: A Silly Symphony Celebration at D23 EXPO 2015

The music from Disney films has been making Disney fans’ hearts sing for decades, but today we announced a special event that you won’t want to miss at D23 EXPO 2015—Disney in Concert: A Silly Symphony Celebration, hosted by Leonard Maltin.

Our friends at Disney Music Emporium have so much planned throughout D23 EXPO 2015, but the concert is the highlight. To…

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Dressing Up for the Ball: Disney Fan Prom Dresses

Prom is an exciting time for every high schooler, but for Disney fans it can be the first chance to dress up like a real-life princess! These D23 Members took it to the next level with prom dresses inspired by some of their favorite Disney characters.

Jace’s glittering bluish gown with icicle earrings to match makes her look like the (prom) Queen of Arendelle,…

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