D23 Party Kit crafts Pin the Bow Tie on the Mickey

Pin the Bow Tie on the Mickey

This classic party game invites to add the perfect finishing touch to Mickey’s iconic costume.


Print the document on sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper in landscape mode. Be sure to click “scale to fit” in your printer settings.
Follow the grey dotted lines to cut out Mickey’s bow ties.
Take the eight (8) pieces of Mickey and match them…

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D23 party kit trivia cards

Mickey Trivia Cards

How well do you know the mouse who started it all? What better way to celebrate your knowledge of all things Mickey, than by playing this trivia game with all of your friends?


Print the trivia cards using the double-sided feature on your printer. (Can print single sided and tape the answers onto their backs).
Scatter the trivia cards around the…

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D23 party kit photo props

Mickey Photo Props

Express your-selfie in the most Mickey-tastic way!


Print out a couple copies of the props on 8.5” x 11” card stock (Heavy duty is best!).
Use tape or a hot-glue gun to adhere sticks or large tongue depressors to the back of each prop, so that they each have a handle.
Set up a fun photo opportunity or place props around the room.

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D23 Party Kit crafts Mickey party cups

Mickey Party Cups

Add a little more Mickey fun to your celebration with these cute beverage cups!

What you will need:
Black cups
Red construction paper
White paper
Rubber cement
Clear tape


Download then print out sleeve and buttons templates onto plain white paper.
Cut along solid lines.
Trace around the sleeve template on red…

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D23 Party Kit crafts table tents

Guest Name Table Tents

Every guest is a V.I.P. with these guest name table tents.


Download then print using the “fit to page” feature of your printer. There are 3 table tent cards per sheet of paper, so be sure to print enough so you have one for each guest.
Write one guest name on the front and back of each table tent.
Place the table tents around tables for…

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D23 Party Kit craft Mickey Pennant Banner

Mickey Pennant Banner

Celebrate 90 years of the leader of the club with a banner made just for you and me!


Print out the document on 8.5” x 11” paper, preferably heavy-duty card stock.
Cut out each piece by following the grey dotted lines.
Take a length of string or ribbon and fold over each piece of the pennant banner using the red dotted line.

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