Chip 'n' Dale for Disney+

Breaking News: Chip ‘n’ Dale Original Series is Coming to Disney+

By Beth Deitchman

Everyone’s favorite trouble-making chipmunks—Chip ‘n’ Dale—are making mischief in a brand-new Disney+ original series. It was just revealed at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival that Chip ‘n’ Dale is currently in production for Disney+. The seven-minute episodes will chronicle the beloved little critters’ adventures in…

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Chip and Dale photo lab

Celebrate Chip and Dale with These Nutty Photo Frames

By D23 Team

We’re all a little nuts for Chip and Dale, so why not show it off? All month long, we’re celebrating the 75th anniversary of Chip and Dale, so upload your favorite photos and join in the fun!

This campaign has ended. Check out for more Disney fun!

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rescue rangers

We’re Nuts Over These Classic Appearances by Chip and Dale

By Megan Deppe

Chip and Dale have been part of our Disney experience for 75 years. As they’ve made life more difficult for Donald and Pluto, they’ve made ours even more fun, thanks to their jokes and pranks. To celebrate the many years of joy they’ve given us, we’ve done our best to select some of our favorite film and TV appearances by the chipmunk chums…

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