23 Favorite Pixar Supporting Characters

Buzz and Woody. Dory. Merida. Joy and Sadness. They’re some of the most iconic characters in Disney•Pixar (not to mention animation) history, and they’re known the world over. As we celebrate the amazing 30-year history of Pixar Animation Studios, we thought we’d take a moment to praise some of our favorite supporting characters from Pixar’s 16 feature…

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Hideo "Indian" Aramaki

Hideo “Indian” Aramaki

In 1964, Hideo “Indian” Aramaki was offered the job as chef of the Disneyland Tahitian Terrace. “I took a cut in pay,” Indian recalled, “but when I saw the cleanliness of the kitchen, the equipment and the way things were run, I was happy.” Two years later he was promoted to executive chef over all the food establishments in Disneyland, a post he held until…

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