poster for Fantasia Music Evolved showing figure gesturing broadly making swirls of well-known classic and popular musicians and names of songs and musical compositions fly into space

Six Reasons Why Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is the Coolest Disney Game Ever

Open your mind and get ready to let your imagination soar to new heights!

Disney Interactive just released the highly anticipated musical motion game Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved. Many D23 Members recently got a chance to test out the interactive experience, and we thought it’d be fun to list some of the coolest features of the brand-new game that made us instant fans.

Fantasia Inspiration
In the game, players link up with legendary and mystical sorcerer Yen Sid from the film to hone their musical and magical prowess as his new apprentice.

Conduct your favorite songs from world-renowned artists and classical masters . . .

Music to Everyone’s Ears
More than 30 hit artist selections are featured in Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved. Conduct your favorite songs from Bruno Mars, Queen, Mussorgsky, Fun., Kimbra, AVICII, as well as other world-renowned artists and classical masters, and use natural, gesture-based movements that’ll put you in complete command of your own musical journey. Using Kinect motion-controlled technology and natural, controller-free gameplay, you can direct the musical flow of these hits and the power to transform the music and living world.

Remix Power
Transform music via magical manipulators in real-time like never before, changing your favorite songs in intuitive and surprising new ways. The melodic possibilities are infinite!

Go Inside the Fantasia World
Explore breathtaking environments in the mythical realm of Fantasia with your motioncontrolled “muse.” You can immerse yourself in environments like “The Haven” and you can interact with an enchanted printing press and more. Get ready to discover worlds filled with hidden musical interactions designed to engage and encourage you to unleash your creativity.

video game screen grab from Fantasia World showing neon-colored silhouetted conductors causing blazing sparks of energy to fly overhead
Share Your Brilliance
Once you’ve recorded your creation and are ready to release it to the universe, you can show your friends and family your re-imagined work on YouTube via Xbox One’s sharing technology.

video game screen grab from Fantasia World showing figure of musical conductor gesturing strongly upwards and a sky full of musical instrument icons
Download Digitally for Bonus Features
By doing so, you’ll receive pop, rock, and dance mix packs for $3.99 each, which allow apprentices (aka you!) to create more remixes and further customize songs from the game’s core soundtrack. The Deluxe Digital Xbox One version of the game includes all of the mix packs, as well as 18 additional songs from popular artists like Demi Lovato, Coldplay, The Cure, OneRepublic, and more!

you’ll be transported to a breathtaking world where music and magic combine for an interactive, motion-controlled journey . . .

With Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, you’ll be transported to a breathtaking world where music and magic combine for an interactive, motion-controlled journey through worlds of music and magic. The game is now available at retailers worldwide for Xbox One and Kinect for Xbox 360.