Donald Duck

Prove You’re a Wise Little Hen with this Donald Duck Trivia Quiz

By Karina Schink

Donald Duck—the myth, the legend, the feathered fowl that needs no introducktion. June 9 marked Donald Duck’s 90th anniversary and we’ve been celebrating all week long, from a look back at one of his most grooviest moments to this very quiz right here. Do you have what it takes to add a feather to your cap? Take our quiz to find out!

What was the title of the first cartoon to feature Donald Duck?

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Donald Duck made his grand debut in this Silly Symphony cartoon. Directed by Wilfred Jackson, The Wise Little Hen shows Donald and his friend Peter Pig as the only members of the Idle Hour Club, who refuse to help a mother hen plant her corn. However, when all is finished and the corn produces plenty of bounty, Donald and Peter are no longer invited to partake in the harvest.

Which famed Donald Duck comic strip artist created Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

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Disney Legend Al Taliaferro, who drew the first ever Donald Duck comic strip, created Donald’s lovable, misfit nephews, who made their debut in the Donald Duck Sunday comic page on October 17, 1937. Soon after the trio debuted in the comic pages, they broke onto the big screen in their first animated short, Donald’s Nephews, released April 15, 1938.

In what year did Donald Duck first appear in a cartoon?

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Released in 1934, The Wise Little Hen was the first cartoon to feature Donald Duck. After this debut supporting role, Donald would go on to star in 128 cartoons of his own!

According to the 1938 short Donald’s Nephews, what is Donald’s sister’s name?

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In the short, Donald Duck received a letter from his sister Dumbella, which informed him (with little time to plan, we might add) that his mischief-making nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie would be arriving that day.

According to the 1942 short Donald Gets Drafted, what is Donald’s middle name?

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It was in the 1942 cartoon Donald Gets Drafted that we discovered Donald’s middle name, which appears on his draft notice. What you might not know is that his middle name was almost Swansdown!

Who originated the voice of Donald Duck?

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Clarence “Ducky” Nash, who played the voice of Donald Duck for more than 50 years, once explained, “Actually, I wanted to be a doctor; but instead I became the biggest quack in the world.”

In what cartoon short did Donald first receive star billing (featuring his name in the title)?

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While released as a Mickey cartoon, Mickey does not appear in 1936’s Donald and Pluto. Donald Duck is actually the star. In a signal of misadventures to come, Donald attempts to do his own home plumbing, until Pluto swallows a magnet and threatens to destroy all of his work.

Prove You’re a Wise Little Hen with this Donald Duck Trivia Quiz
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