just roll with it

New Disney Channel Series Lets Cast Members Just Roll With It

By Beth Deitchman

When the cast of Disney’s just-announced new series Just Roll With It takes the stage during live tapings of the multi-camera sitcom, they’ll have no idea what outrageous stunts they’ll participate in over the course of the episode. The upcoming series blends scripted family comedy with improvisation—and lets audience members decide what will happen next. The actors might find themselves eating a sardine, grasshopper and ice cream burrito… or they may see someone fall through the roof of their characters’ home. Whatever happens, they’ll “just roll with it!”

This unique series follows the blended Bennett-Blatt family, who, despite their differences, are taking whatever life (or the studio audience) throws at them—together. Kaylin Hayman (One Day at a Time) plays Blair, a rebel without a cause, and the polar opposite of her ex-military mom, Rachel (Suzi Barrett of Kirby Buckets), who tends to be a little strict and more regimented. Blair’s stepbrother Owen (played by Ramon Reed of Broadway’s The Lion King) is a natural athlete who likes scheduling and organization, and who is always trying to clean up his father, creative and charismatic morning radio show host Byron (Tobie Windham of Walk the Prank).

The innovative new series has just received a greenlight, and we’ll bring you more details about Just Roll With It as they’re announced. Adam Small and Trevor Moore serve as executive producers for the series, which is from Kenwood TV Productions, Inc.

“The multi-camera sitcom format has worked as a staple of TV for decades. So naturally, we aimed to totally upend it,” said Jonas Agin, vice president, Original Series, Disney Channels. “By introducing an element of audience interactivity that subverts the expectations of not only the viewers but also the cast, Just Roll With It is a true step in the evolution of comedic storytelling.”