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Mostly Ghostly Trivia Challenge Week 2—Maleficent Mysteries and Disney Villain Delights

By Courtney Potter

We can’t think of anyone better to help us commemorate all things All Hallows’ Eve then some of our favorite Disney Villains—including the magnificent Maleficent, who is winging her way back onto screens around the globe this week in Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. How well do you know the protector of the moors and all her Villain kin? Take our quiz and find out! For more Mostly Ghostly trivia, check out our week one quiz. Make sure to scroll down to see the answers, and to see what kind of villainous trouble lies in your bones!

1. Which Disney animator was the artistic force behind Maleficent in 1959’s Sleeping Beauty? 
A) Milt Kahl
B) Ollie Johnston
C) Marc Davis
D) Frank Thomas

2. Maleficent’s voice actress also helped bring the character to life as a live-action reference model. Who was she?
A) Eleanor Audley
B) Mary Costa
C) Verna Felton
D) Barbara Jo Allen

3. Speaking of Maleficent’s voice actress, what other Disney Villain did she portray? 
A) Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
B) Lady Tremaine in Cinderella
C) Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland
D) Madam Mim in The Sword and the Stone

4. What item inspired Maleficent’s iconic, darkly mysterious look? 
A) A statue seen in a French cathedral
B) A vase found in the ruins of Pompeii
C) A painting from a Czechoslovakian art book
D) A costume from a children’s stage play in 1900s London

5. Once Maleficent transforms into the fire-breathing Dragon, how does Prince Phillip finally thwart her?
A) With a magical potion created by Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather
B) By imprisoning it in the castle dungeon
C) With an iron bolt—fired from a scorpion—to the eye
D) With the Shield of Virtue and the Sword of Truth

6. What 1940s movie star inspired the look for Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, beginning with the 2014 film and continuing with Maleficent: Mistress of Evil? 
A) Talullah Bankhead
B) Marlene Dietrich
C) Rita Hayworth
D) Hedy Lamarr

7. Which one of Maleficent’s fellow villains was partially inspired by a character named Brom Bones in Disney’s 1949 short The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?
A) Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
B) Captain Hook from Peter Pan
C) Scar from The Lion King
D) Oogie Boogie from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

8. An actor already known for many Halloween-adjacent film roles helped director Wilfred “Jaxon” Jackson and animator Vladimir “Bill” Tytla with some live-action reference for Chernabog—the menacing winged devil in 1940’s Fantasia. Who was he?
A) Boris Karloff
B) Lon Chaney
C) Bela Lugosi
D) Vincent Price

9. Who’s the only performer to appear on stage, in one of Disney Theatrical’s hit Broadway musicals, as the Disney Villain they first gave voice to in an animated film? 
A) Pat Carroll as Ursula in The Little Mermaid
B) Jonathan Freeman as Jafar in Aladdin
C) Richard White as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast
D) Santino Fontana as Hans in Frozen

10. Actor Brian Blessed not only voiced the villainous hunter Clayton in 1999’s Tarzan, but he also provide what for the film? 
A) A hardbound copy of Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes
B) The voice of Tantor the elephant
C) An idea for one of Phil Collins’ songs in the film
D) Tarzan’s quintessential yell

Correct Answers:

1. C) Marc Davis
2. A) Eleanor Audley
3. B) Lady Tremaine in Cinderella
4. C) A painting from a Czechoslovakian art book
5. D) With the Shield of Virtue and the Sword of Truth
6. B) Marlene Dietrich
7. A) Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
8. C) Bela Lugosi
9. B) Jonathan Freeman as Jafar in Aladdin
10. D) Tarzan’s quintessential yell

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