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Mostly Ghostly Trivia Challenge Week 1—Is Your Classic Disney Halloween Knowledge Scary Good?

By D23 Team

Halloween is just around the corner, but let’s creep it real: we’ve been excited for the ghoulishly fun holiday for a while now. And, we’re kicking off the season with the first of four Disney Halloween trivia challenges to celebrate Halloween.

This week, we’re exploring the classic Disney Halloween cartoons from The Skeleton Dance to Trick or Treat, and testing your cartoon knowledge along the way with a spooktacular trivia quiz! Are you unboolievably good, or are you just a slight fright when it comes to our quiz? Let’s see what you can conjure up! Make sure to scroll down for the answers, and to see how ghostly your trivia knowledge is!

1. The Skeleton Dance was the first of which cartoon series?
A) A Disney Halloween
B) The Silly Symphonies
C) Have a Laugh!
D) Mickey’s House of Villains

2. Who does Mickey Mouse encounter in 1929’s The Haunted House?
A) A Grim Reaper
B) A mad doctor
C) The Hatbox Ghost
D) A ghostly witch

3. Which of these cartoons was directed by Walt Disney?
A) Lonesome Ghosts
B) The Haunted House
C) Trick or Treat
D) The Mad Doctor

4. Which costume is not worn by Huey, Dewey or Louie in Trick or Treat?
A) Devil
B) Witch
C) Skeleton
D) Ghost

5. In the Lonesome Ghosts, the Ajax Ghost Exterminators are comprised of…?
A) Huey, Dewey, and Louie
B) Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy
C) Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
D) Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto

6. The Skeleton Dance featured how many skeletons?
A) Three
B) Five
C) Four
D) Two

7. For Lonesome Ghosts, what new invention did the Disney Animation Department create?
A) The Spectral-Vision camera
B) Glow-in-the-dark paint
C) The multiplane camera
D) Transparent paint

8. What is the name of the witch that Donald Duck encounters in Trick or Treat?
A) Demona
B) Witch Hazel
C) Lambert
D) Magic de Spell

9. The “Lonesome Ghosts” make a cameo in which other Disney project?
A) Mickey’s House of Villains 
B) Halloweentown
C) The Haunted House
D) Mickey’s Christmas Carol

10. What 1933 Mickey Mouse short was deemed “too frightening for children” by the British film censor board upon release?
A) Mickey’s Nightmare
B) The Gorilla Mystery
C) Harem Scarem
D) The Mad Doctor

Correct Answers:

1. B) The Silly Symphonies
2. A) A Grim Reaper
3. B) The Haunted House
4. C) Skeleton
5. B) Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy
6. C) Four
7. D) Transparent paint
8. B) Witch Hazel
9. A) Mickey’s House of Villains
10. D) The Mad Doctor

If you got…

Oh, no! It looks like your knowledge didn’t quite materialize but these questions are no trick! Keep trying.

Alright, so you’re almost halfway there. No bones about it! There’s still room for a comeback so how about giving it another go.

What’s this? You’ve proven yourself to be a frightful contender, but there is still room to conjure a perfect score.

We’re impressed. You’re ghoulishly good but are still a few facts away from being the witch of the ball. You got this!

Well, you’re unboolievably good at this! It’s time to skele-brate because your knowledge is spellbinding.