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The 2016 ZOOper-Sized March Hare Mania: Find Out Who Won!

March 31 Update: We know somebunny who’s very excited about this news! Thumper has hopped his way to the top and won this year’s March Hare Mania! Thanks for your votes – and be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter for more Disney fun.

March Hare Mania winner

March 28 Update: From the King of the Jungle to a quiet chameleon, sixteen animals have competed and only two remain: Robin Hood and Thumper. Who will win it all? Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter to vote for your favorite in the final round of March Hare Mania!

March 21 Update: Zazu, Robin Hood, Pascal and Thumper are our final four! Who will you vote for in the semifinals of March Hare Mania? Check out the bracket below and be sure to vote on Facebook and Twitter.

March 14 Update: Round 1 of March Hare Mania saw the loss of Humphrey the Bear, Terk and Copper, to name a few – who will make it out of round two? Cast your vote on Facebook and Twitter.

March Hare Mania is back! Last year’s winners (Chip ’n’ Dale) were a little nutty, but this year we’ve gone completely wild! We’ve herded together our favorite bears, bunnies, cats, and dogs to compete for the title of ultimate animal. Check out the bracket below and make sure to cast your vote throughout March on Facebook and Twitter.

March Hare Mania bracket final round