Celebrating Lunar New Year 2022: What to Eat, See, and Do at Disney Parks

By Courtney Potter

It’s almost time for Lunar New Year, and all kinds of colorful festivities are just about to get underway at several Disney Parks! Traditionally celebrated within Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese cultures, Lunar New Year (also known as Spring Festival) honors the celestial journey of the sun and the moon as they cycle into another year—and 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, so Tigger himself is poised and ready to join Mickey Mouse and pals for lots of new year fun.

To get you into the Spring Festival spirit, we’ve compiled a list of things to eat, see, and do at Disney California Adventure Park, as well as Shanghai Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Read on for what to expect…

Disney California Adventure Park

From January 21 through February 13, 2022, guests visiting the park will enjoy exciting live entertainment and musical performances. “Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession,” a special parade led by Mulan and Mushu that dedicates the new year’s blessings to family and friendship, will run several times a day traveling from Pixar Pier Gate to Paradise Gardens Obelisk and back. And since it’s the Year of the Tiger, Tigger will be joining in on the procession! Meanwhile, Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon will be making her first appearance at a Lunar New Year celebration this year! So, keep your eyes peeled under the forest canopy of Redwood Creek Challenge for a glimpse of the warm-hearted dragon.

Tigger, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse will don festive attire as they greet guests at Paradise Gardens. Guests may also encounter Mulan, as well as the Three Little Pigs, all dressed in their own Lunar New Year finery. Loved ones can gather for cherished photo memories under a gorgeous pavilion decorated with bamboo, peach blossoms, golden flowers, and banners bearing hope-filled holiday wishes.

Speaking of holiday wishes, guests can also celebrate the Year of the Tiger by sharing wishes that roar with the spirit of confidence. The Lucky Wishes Wall will help guests of all ages reflect on the past and welcome a new year of prosperity by adding their own special message of hope, health, and happiness for the upcoming year.

Throughout the celebration, hear instruments that have charmed audiences of all ages for generations at the Paradise Garden Bandstand—which will present daily performances to welcome the Year of the Tiger and attract good luck and prosperity for the New Year. Look for performances by Melody of China, a group of professional musicians based in San Francisco who hail from some of China’s most prestigious conservatories. Their renowned fusion of Chinese folk, classical, and contemporary instrumentals provides quality entertainment by bridging the gap between ancient customs and American youth. This premier trio will captivate audiences with pitch-perfect music played on a traditional Chinese yangqin (dulcimer), pipa (lute), and erhu (fiddle).

Of course, look for themed merchandise inspired by different cultures of East Asia available to purchase.

And let’s not forget… the food! Foodies will be able to enjoy everything from sweet snacks to savory dishes, all featuring unique elements inspired by Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese cultures. Plus, the Sip and Savor Pass—which provides six coupons, redeemable for select food and nonalcoholic beverages at participating Lunar New Year Marketplace kiosks and dining locations—is available to guests who want a more complete taste. Click here for more info on the Sip and Savor Pass, and keep reading for all the deliciousness to come.

  • Longevity Noodle Co. (Sip and Savor Pass available)
    • Garlic Noodles: Long noodles tossed in a zesty garlic butter with Parmesan cheese
    • Spicy Pork Dandan Noodles: Pan-fried noodles with ground pork and a spicy tri-chile blend sauce
    • Salted Pistachio Cold Brew featuring Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. French Bistro Blend Coffee
    • Pale Ale with mandarin and bergamot zest
    • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

  • Lucky 8 Lantern (Sip and Savor Pass available)
    • Shrimp Fried Rice with garlic bacon edamame
    • Beef Bulgogi Short Rib on rice with green onion salad
    • Peach Yuja-Ade: Peach syrup, yuja, dragonfruit, lemon, and butterfly pea flower tea
    • Soju Peach Yuja-Ade: Soju, peach syrup, yuja, dragonfruit, lemon, and butterfly pea flower tea
    • Lager
    • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

  • Prosperity Bao & Buns (Sip and Savor Pass available)
    • Char Siu BBQ Pork Bao: Pickled red onions and jalapeño
    • Mickey Chinese Hot Dog Bun: Brioche-style Mickey-shaped buns stuffed with hot dog and finished with sesame seeds and scallions
    • Prosperous Tiger: Vodka, cream of coconut, bitters, triple sec, mandarin purée, and vanilla bean paste
    • Lychee Celebration: Gin, prosecco, lychee purée, lychee syrup, grapefruit juice, and yuja
    • Bamboo Lager
    • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

  • Red Dragon Spice Traders (Sip and Savor Pass available)
    • Spicy Three-Cup Chicken served on a bed of jasmine rice
    • Impossible™ Lion’s Head Meatballs: Mini plant-based pork meatballs served with cabbage and Shaoxing wine reduction
    • Mickey Purple Sweet Potato Macaron: Red macaron filled with purple sweet potato buttercream and crème fraîche center
    • Dancing Firecracker: Pineapple juice, guava purée, spicy honey syrup, hibiscus syrup, and lime juice
    • Jasmine Tea Lager
    • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

Themed food and beverage options are also available at the following locations:

  • Paradise Garden Grill (mobile order and Sip and Savor Pass available)
    • Korean-style BBQ Chicken: Half chicken with steamed white rice, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, and sesame seeds (Sip and Savor portion available)
    • Pork Banh Mi: Grilled pork belly with pickled daikon, carrots, cucumber, jalapeño, cilantro, and seasoned mayonnaise on a crispy baguette (Sip and savor portion available)
    • Spicy Kung Pao Tofu: Deep fried tofu with zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, red peppers, peanuts, and fried rice garnished with garlic deep-fried chips (Sip and Savor portion available)(New)
    • Whole Fried Fish: Crispy whole fish, sweet and sour sauce, steamed rice, stir-fried vegetables and chicken soup, served family-style for two
    • Green Tea Raspberry Parfait: Green tea mousse, raspberry jelly, white sponge cake, white chocolate mousse, and candy pearls
    • Sides of steamed or fried rice
    • Tiger Milk Tea with brown sugar boba (non-alcoholic) (New)
    • Soju Cocktail: Soju, ginger beer, lemon, basil, Fresno chile, lychee flavor-filled boba (non-alcoholic) (New)
    • Mulan Sipper with choice of fountain beverage at time of purchase (non-alcoholic)
    • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

  • Paradise Gardens Special Events Cart
    • Gochujang Wings: Chicken wings in spicy gochujang sauce
    • Asian-style Street Corn: Steamed corn on the cob rolled in spicy gochujang sauce (New)
    • Korean-style BBQ Nachos: Bulgogi pork belly, cheesy corn sauce, gochujang crema, fresh radish, and spicy cucumbers on house-made chips (New)
    • Orange-Flavored Cotton Candy
    • Mango-Pineapple Pie: Mango and pineapple-filled pie (New)
    • Mulan Sipper with assorted Coca-Cola®, bottled beverage, or DASANI® bottled water (non-alcoholic)
    • Puffed Rice Pale Ale

  • Lucky Fortune Cookery (mobile order and Sip and Savor Pass available)
    • Hong Kong-style Milk Tea: Black tea sweetened with condensed milk served over ice (non-alcoholic) (New)
    • Mulan Sipper with choice of: Fountain beverage at time of purchase, Hong Kong-style milk tea, or Vietnamese iced coffee (non-alcoholic)
    • Novelty: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted)

  • Seasonal Cart (Sip and Savor Pass available)
    • Mango-Pineapple Pie
    • Mulan Sipper with assorted Coca-Cola bottled beverage or DASANI water bottle
  • Seasonal Cart in Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (available January 20 through February 13)
    • Brown Sugar Steam Bun: Brown sugar steam bun topped with blue cream cheese icing (New)
    • White Hot Chocolate: Blue white chocolate topped with toasted marshmallow whipped cream and purple sugar (non-alcoholic) (New)
    • Warm Apple Cider Cocktail: Hot apple cider, spices, and cinnamon whiskey garnished with a cinnamon stick and a caramel rim (New)

  • Cappuccino Cart (mobile order and Sip and Savor Pass available)
    • Baked Char Siu Bao: Chinese BBQ pork-filled baked bun (New)
    • Mango-Pineapple Pie: Mango and pineapple-filled pie (New)

  • Studio Catering Truck (available January 10-March 1)
    • Hoisin Pork Sliders: Marinated pulled pork on Hawaiian rolls with apple slaw (New)
    • Green Tea Slush: Almond milk, green tea, and vanilla (non-alcoholic) (New)
    • Lemongrass-Ginger Lemonade: Lemongrass, lemon juice, ginger, and mint (non-alcoholic) (New)

  • Lamplight Lounge
    • Korean-style BBQ Nachos: Bulgogi pork belly, cheesy corn sauce, gochujang crema, fresh radish, and spicy cucumbers on house-made chips (New)
    • Kung Pao Bao: Kung Pao-glazed crispy pork belly, chili peanuts, steamed bao bun, red pepper, and green onion slaw
    • Oolong Donut: Oolong-dusted beignet donut served with oolong crème anglaise, and orange soy pudding dipping sauces
    • Lunar Cocktail: Baiju Chinese liquor, smoked orange syrup, orange bitters, and lemon juice, garnished with orange peel (New)
  • GCH Holiday Cart at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
    • Lantern Whoopie Pie: Whoopie pie filled with vanilla buttercream and dipped in pearl sprinkles
    • Assorted Pretzel Sticks: Tiger-striped chocolate pretzel sticks
    • Mickey-shaped Tiger Sugar Cookie: Sugar cookie dipped in red chocolate with gold Mickey-shaped tiger
    • Mickey-shaped Tiger-striped Sugar Cookie: Sugar cookie dipped in red chocolate with gold tiger stripes

Shanghai Disney Resort

Now through February 16, 2022, Shanghai Disney Resort is bringing the Spring Festival spirit to life in a heartwarming and magical way. With dazzling décor, fun festivities, fabulous merchandise, beloved snacks and beverages, and brand-new Spring Festival-themed events and entertainment, the resort promises to be an unmissable destination for friends and families of all ages to celebrate an unforgettable Lunar New Year.

As with each year, the Garden of the Twelve Friends will transform into the annual New Year’s Wishing Garden. This year, the garden will feature beautiful rows of lantern arches decorated with unique Tigger elements and auspicious Spring Festival details. Guests are welcome write down their wishes for the year ahead on special wishing cards, which they can then hang throughout the garden to usher in a year of good luck and fortune. These cards may be found in the Wishing Garden and at the selfie spots on Mickey Avenue.

But that’s not all: Exceptional shows and entertainment will bring even more magic and delight to the resort this season. For the first time at Shanghai Disneyland, guests will witness the authentic extravaganza that is the Lion Dance—a colorful tradition that brings good luck and prosperity in the year ahead—in the Gardens of Imagination from February 2-16, 2022. Once the sun sets, the nighttime spectacular “ILLUMINATE! A Nighttime Celebration” will light up the sky and put a twinkle in guests’ eyes. After the nightly display, a special show, “Our Families,” will illuminate the Enchanted Storybook Castle just for the New Year, with heartwarming images of Disney characters and their families to attract fortune, happiness, and health. And for a limited time only, from January 31-February 16, 2022, the resort will wish guests a wonderful coming year with the Chinese character for “tiger” majestically lit up in special fireworks amongst the stars.

As for special Lunar New Year food, here’s a look at some of the delicious themed dishes in store:

  • Wandering Moon Restaurant
    • Spring Festival Family Feast: Mickey-shaped braised pork belly, steamed chicken stuffed with glutinous rice and vegetable, and steamed fish with tofu
    • Spring Festival Afternoon Tea for Two: Enjoy a Chinese-style afternoon tea featuring puddings, cupcakes, and Chinese tea or specialty beverages.
  •  Royal Banquet Hall
    • Spring Festival Family Feast Set Menu: Pork rib with mixed mushroom soup to give the blessing of abundant wealth along with steamed codfish, fried rice with spicy abalone sauce, braised white fungus with bamboo seeds, and fruit platter
  • CookieAnn Bakery Café
    • Mickey Passion Fruit Macaroon with Financier
    • Minnie Blood Orange Mousse Cake
    • CookieAnn Mixed Berry Chocolate Cake
    • New Year CookieAnn Cookie
    • New Year CookieAnn Caramel Apple

  • IL Paperino
    • Donald Waffle with Vanilla-Flavored Ice Cream adorned with Chinese elements
    • Donald Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream Cone topped with chocolate Donald
  • Barbossa’s Bounty
    • Spring Festival Pirate’s Feast: A meal fit for a pirate inspired by the Chinese New Year
  • Pinocchio Village Kitchen
    • Spring Festival Pinocchio’s Family Feast with unique New Year elements and inspiration
  • Mickey & Pals Market Café
    • Spring Festival Beast Feast: Bring your appetite for this tasty meal for the New Year!
  • Outdoor Vending Carts
    • Chip ‘n’ Dale Spring Festival Popcorn Bucket
  • Quick-Service Restaurants and Kiosks
    • Mickey Spring Festival Tumbler featuring a self-luminating design and bells 
  • Lumière’s Kitchen at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
    • Spring Festival Buffet: Feast on a wide range of fresh seafood, fine meats, traditional Chinese and western dishes, and various types of New Year-themed desserts.
  • Aurora at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
    • Spring Festival Family Set Dinner: Indulge in a festival set menu masterfully prepared while basking in the sights on “ILLUMINATE! A Nighttime Celebration.” 
  • Ballet Café at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
    • New Year Raspberry Jelly White Chocolate Mousse Cake

  • Sunnyside Café at Toy Story Hotel
    • Spring Festival Buffet: Sunnyside Café invites you and your family to come celebrate the Spring Festival with a special holiday-themed buffet!

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

The following sure-to-be-delectable Lunar New Year inspired dishes can be found at the hotels of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort:

  • Crystal Lotus at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
    • Golden Tiger Spring Festival Poon Choi Takeaway: This exquisite cuisine is filled with mouth-watering ingredients, and is perfect for sharing with family and friends at home. (Available January 23-February 20)
    • Chinese New Year Festive New and Seasonal Dishes: Ensure your celebration is full of bountiful blessings with new and seasonal dishes exclusively for the Year of the Tiger festivities. (Available January 29-February 6)
    • Chinese New Year Kid’s Menu: Let the little ones get into the celebration with dishes inspired by the Spring Festival. (Available January 21-February 20)

  • Dragon Wind at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel (Available January 21-February 20)
    • Chinese New Year Lunch and Dinner Sets: Indulge in your Spring Festival desires with this delicious New Year set menu.
  • World of Color Restaurant at Disney Explorers Lodge (Available January 29-February 6)
    • Colorful Chinese New Year Set Lunch for Two: Sautéed sea cucumber, scallop, and yellow fungus with honey bean on basket-steamed bamboo fungus, shrimp mousse on asparagus fried rice, corn soup with crabmeat and vegetarian sharks fin, and stew pear with rock sugar and chickpeas
  • Chart Room Cafe Disney Explorers Lodge
    • Chinese New Year Combo: Stewed goose web with dried oyster, black moss and mushroom, steamed shrimp mousse in hairy gourd rings, seasonal vegetables, bamboo fungus soup with kou tau mushroom and cordyceps flower with steamed rice (Available January 29-February 6)
    • Mango Mousse Cake featuring Tigger (Available January 21-February 20)